For those who have asked about the availability of Tueller Wall Easels, I am indeed still making them! However, there have been some necessary delays while I’ve been making upgrades to my humble, one man woodworking operation.

Insulating My Tiny Woodworking Shop

Before I had made and sold the first dozen easels or so, it was very apparent that my ‘shop’ (actually a 10′ X 16′ storage shed) was woefully insufficient to build enough easels to meet demand. Since I’d originally built the shed to be used for storage, it wasn’t wired for electricity or insulated. The winters here in Floyd, VA are quite cold and windy, so working in a shed hasn’t always been particularly pleasant. As I write this, the temperature outside is 14°F, known colloquially in these parts as, too frickin cold!

I’ve taken the time to empty the shed of everything unrelated to woodworking, seal and insulate the walls and ceiling, add electrical outlets and install lighting. So now when I go out to the shed at 5AM each morning, I can turn on a small space heater and get the interior above freezing, if not downright warm and cozy.

Upgrading My Woodworking Tools

Being able to work in the shop without my fingers freezing and breaking off means that I can focus on what really matters in a proper tiny woodworking shop…power tools!

Over the last few months I’ve been upgrading my shop with better woodworking equipment. I’ve purchased a new Grizzly 14″ bandsaw, a new Dewalt 13″ planer, new compound miter saw, new scroll saw, upgraded my Bosch router table setup, restored a vintage 6″ Buffalo jointer, and added a Delta 10″ table saw. Whew! Getting all these tools to fit in such a small space has been a challenge. I’ve made mobile bases for each of the larger tools so that I can move them around as needed.

It’s been expensive and time consuming, but with my new and improved tiny woodworking shop, I should be able to produce many more easels, or at least make a lot more sawdust!

My apologies to those who have been waiting to place orders for wall easels. I promise I will have some ready for purchase in a matter of weeks.


And yes, the tiny shed pictured above really is where I do all of my woodworking!

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