I now make and sell a wall-mounted easel system. Tueller Wall Easels are much more refined than my original space saving wall easel setup shown here.

You can view the wall easel features on this page. They can be purchased directly from our shop.

Our studio is small. Really small. Like, just a little over 260 square foot. So when I was getting it all set up for the first time, I knew I couldn’t have free standing easels out in the middle of the room. Just too cluttered. So I explored a few different designs for low-profile, wall mounted easels. The only commercially available wall mounted easels I could find didn’t meet my needs and were too expensive, given that I would need three or four. In the end, I designed and built my own. We had some 3/4″ oak boards on hand, so the entire project cost just a little over $20 for some hardware (threaded knobs, nuts and wood screws). While the studio is small, it does have one long uninterrupted interior wall where I could mount two 20′-0″ rails (one 2′-0″ up from the floor and the other 8′-0″ from the floor). The rails are attached to wooden spacers that keep them 3/4″ away from the wall. This allows me to hang as many easel masts as I need along the 20′-0″ span. I made a few trays that can be clamped onto the masts to hold brushes, pastels, paints and such.

Wall Easel Set Up

Shown here are three easel masts and one tool tray. Also, there’s a thin rail attached to the top of the center mast that allows me to hang a mahl stick to support my hand when painting.

Close Up of Wall Easel Mast

This close up shows the top of the mast and how it hangs over the rails, allowing me to move it anywhere along the length.

Ladder Shelves On Wall Easel Rail

I also built a couple of sets of ladder shelves to hold art supplies that I can move to whichever easels I’m working at.

I’ve been using this set up for about seven months now and I’m pretty satisfied with how well it works. One of these days, I’ll get around to sanding it and giving it a nice coat of polyurethane.   UPDATE 1:  More photos, as requested.

Canvas Holder Assembly

Canvas holder assembly. The upper and lower holders are built the same, the only difference is that they’re mounted on the masts in opposing directions. The grooves on the top are there to accommodate the hardboard panels I typically paint on. The dowels and corresponding holes keep the two pieces aligned when the knob is loosened.

Wall Easel Canvas Holder

Tee-nut on back of clamp that receives the threaded knob.

Lower Canvas Holder on Mast

Lower Canvas Holder on Mast

Shelf On Mast

A view of the shelf attachment from underneath.


Looking for a wall-mounted easel for your studio?

Tueller Wall Easels can be purchased on our online shop. Available in red oak, white oak and ebonized oak.

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