I now make and sell a wall-mounted easel system. The Tueller Wall Easels are much more refined than my original easel setup shown here.

You can view the wall easel features on this page. They can be purchased directly from our shop.

Back in December of 2012, I wrote about the do-it-yourself space saving wall easel I’d conceived and built for our art studio. Since then, I have received a surprising number of inquiries and comments about my design – some asking about how I constructed this or that aspect of the easel, questions about materials, hardware, dimensions, etc. Others asked if I had construction plans available for download or if I could build an easel for them… To those who have inquired about purchasing wall easels – I am actively looking into what it might cost to construct, package and ship easels similar to what I’ve made for myself. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in purchasing one.

Space Saving Wall Easel

The original ‘Tueller Wall Easel’ in my studio.
(Shown here with three masts, one tool tray and a hanging mahl stick rail.)

LCD Monitor Stand

I’ve recently added an additional movable mast to my easel that holds a 19 inch lcd monitor on an adjustable arm and a shelf for a notebook pc. This allows me to view reference images while standing at the easel.


‘Tueller Wall Easels’ Others Have Built

What has been especially gratifying to me is the number of handy, do-it-yourself artists who have contacted me to let me know that they have built their own wall easels based on my humble design. Some have even been so kind as to share photos of their results. Here are two fine examples…

Wall Easel - Alexis McCarthy

Here’s the wall easel built by Alexis McCarthy.

Alexis McCarthy – Round Rock, TX (Alexis’ blog) Additionally, Alexis detailed her experience setting up her new studio and wall easels here: part 1, part 2, part 3  

Wall Easel - Dan Bina

Here’s the wall easel built by Dan Bina.

Dan Bina – Brooklyn, NY (Dan’s blog) More of Dan’s work can be seen here. Thanks Dan and Alexis! I’m super pleased to see that my original post has helped others to plan and build their own easels. Any other do-it-yourselfers who’ve built one, please send images of them and I’ll share them here.

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