Tueller Wall Easels

Made to order, handcrafted wall-mounted easels

The 200 Series and 300 Series wall easels represent an evolution of my original wall easel design. We’ve made a number of improvements that we think painters and other fine art professionals are really going to like. The new box style masts allow us to make the easels at extra large dimensions while remaining very strong and straight. This was an important consideration as we are frequently requested to custom build easels that are tailor fit to the customer’s available wall space. The new wall rail design allows the masts to slide smoothly. We have put a lot of thought and attention to every detail.

Tueller Wall Easels - Hanging Mast Over Upper Rail

Easy to Use

From the beginning, it’s been important to me that the wall easels we make aren’t unnecessarily complicated. The system is lightweight, sturdy and easy to use. Hang a mast anywhere on the rails, position left or right as desired, then tighten the teardrop knob on the bottom to lock firmly in place. The holders are then moved up or down then tightened in place with a large star knob.

Each easel is handcrafted from responsibly harvested Appalachian oak (from Draftwood Forest Products of Floyd, Virginia) and hand rubbed with Danish oil.


The modular design makes our wall easels easy to add onto. One can add additional sections of wall rail and additional masts to create seriously large painting areas that can of accommodate multiple painting stations or extra large canvases. This makes our easels well suited to classrooms and workshop studios as well as small spaces. Some of our customers choose to use one mast for their canvas, while another mast is dedicated to holding reference images and a work tray for their palette. Others choose to span larger paintings across two or more masts at a time.

Note that while the 200 and 300 series parts are interchangeable with one another, they do not work with the 100 series wall easels.

Tueller Wall Easels - Standard Upper Holder
Tueller Wall Easels - Telescoping Masts

Telescoping Masts (300 Series)

The 300 Series Tueller Wall Easels add a cool new feature — telescoping masts! This makes it easy to raise or lower a painting to comfortably reach all areas of the surface without resorting to crouching on the floor or standing on step stools when working on larger pieces. Need to work on a passage near the top of your canvas without being on your tip toes? Lower the mast. Easily reach the bottom of your canvas? Raise the mast. All without having to continually re-adjust the positions of the holders. These masts work best in studios with reasonably high ceilings.

Presently, we are making the 200 and 300 series wall easels exclusively out of red oak. We have some additional accessories and upgrade options coming in 2019 that we’re excited to show off!

Tueller Wall Easels - Work Trays
Optional Work Trays

Height adjustable 12″ x 18″ work trays keep your palette or other art supplies close at hand while working. The trays can be positioned anywhere on the masts or taken off altogether.

Tueller Wall Easels - Standard Lower Holder
Larger Canvas Holders

The 200 and 300 Series Tueller Wall Easels include larger canvas holders as a standard feature. They accommodate canvases up to 2-½” thick with additional slots for holding ¼” panels. We often custom build holders to meet the specific needs of professional painters, art conservators and photographers.

Tueller Wall Easels - Mast Lock Knob
Easy to Use Knobs

The teardrop knob that locks the mast to the rails is made with a firm, easy grip textured rubber. The star knobs used on the holders and work trays are large, solvent resistant and easy to wipe clean.

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