Here’s what our customers have to say about Tueller Wall Easels

Wonderful easel. The easel is wonderful quality and exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you for making this for artists. Nothing like artist-made products for artists!

Kathryn Wronski

Grass Valley, CA

I’m so pleased with how this easel works in my small space. It offers me several options for painting: two masts for one large piece or two smaller ones. And it’s so well made and beautiful that it is a piece of art in itself. I love it!

Gayla Wiedenheft

Bozeman, MT

I absolutely love it! The package arrived in good shape. Installation went well. Thank you for sending the measuring stick, excellent instructions and the extra screws.

I finally had time to paint this last week and found this easel to be the best thing ever!!!! It is so versatile, securely holds the paintings of all sizes and gets everything up off the counter so I have lots of room for my palettes. I also found that I can secure the canvas with the front edge of the holders as I like to have all of the edges free to paint. I use a fair amount of pressure when I paint as I often use palette knives, scraping tools and rollers. This past week has been amazingly productive.

I have been telling all my friends about the easel and your great service.

Alison Engle

Friday Harbor, WA

I love my easel! It is perfect and can’t wait to start my big projects!

Julie Shealy

Ocala, FL

I received the entire order as of yesterday. Carefully unpacked everything last night and everything is in perfect shape. Thank you for the wax, rubber spacers and screws. Your instruction are very clear. Hats off for packaging everything so thoroughly. I removed all the staples first just like you said. Very impressive. You are a perfectionist indeed.

Denis Bouvier

Edmonton, Alberta

My easel arrived yesterday. We just unpacked it and it’s beautiful! A work of art.

Audrey Phillips

Maitland, FL

Your instructions were so clear and the easel is simple and beautiful Too bad I’ll be getting paint on it!

Patricia Gordon

South Burlington, VT

Set everything up today and it looks and works amazing. Really a beautiful piece and wanted to thank you for the craftsmanship and attention to detail. It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.

Philip Szewczyk

New York, NY

We received and installed our wall easel. We are extremely satisfied! The quality is fantastic, while remaining beautifully simple. Our staff had a hard time believing that you were an artist and not an engineer after reviewing your installation guide. Very well put together. We would be happy to recommend your products whenever we have the opportunity. Thanks for making this such an easy and enjoyable transaction!

Ben Umberger

Irmo, SC

Fits our space perfectly and looks amazing!

Mike Layton

South Burlington, VT

I knew as I was unpacking the easel that the quality was going to be outstanding, just by the way you had carefully wrapped and packed it. And of course it was….We were impressed with your inclusion of the required driver bit as well as the best, clearest and most thorough installation guide we’ve ever seen. Everything received, from the easel itself to the printed materials, are top quality!

Rani Garner

Buena Vista, GA

I cannot say enough about how pleased we are with the easel. The installation was easy and fast and the instructions were perfect for our install. Thank you so much for your talent in creating such a beautiful and functional showpiece.

Jim Doyle

Director of Creative & Technical Services, Ross Video, Richmond, VA

Jason worked with me to design an easel that would allow me to work on 3 or more canvases at a time, or one very large canvas if I so choose. The flexibility of his design is amazing. I am not inhibited by approaching any size canvas. Without the Wall Easel I would be in a jumble. Jason is very talented and easy to work with. His Wall Easel is my favorite piece of equipment in my new studio and I would want it in any studio of any size in the future.

Wendy Adams

Atlanta, GA

Thank you for great customer service and an easel that really is a piece of art in and of itself.

Mary Lee

Raleigh, NC

Hey – I received the wall easel. It arrived in absolute perfect shape – not a single ding or scratch anywhere. Your packing (like all of your craftsmanship) is incredible. Only tonight, have I had a chance to unpack it and take a look at everything. It was like Christmas – beautiful. I could see the thought and care that when into every detail of both the easel, and then also, how it was packed. Very careful and thoughtful decisions everywhere I looked – even down to the spacing jig. Brilliant!

Chris Dierdorff

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for my beautiful new wall easel! Such a great space saver. It feels so efficient and functional and it is excellent quality. My husband did the hanging of it, and he kept mentioning that you really thought it through well. Thank you!

Theresa Harris

Woodinville, WA

Thanks for a truly great product. I am a professional homebuilder and a hobby woodworker. I could have built my own wall easel, but would rather spend my little free time painting instead of designing my first prototype that wouldn’t have been as good as your design. Your easel was easy to install, with professional instructions, and has the appearance of custom furniture. I am very glad I made the decision to purchase it!

Nick Dolphens

Papillion, NE

Liz loves this easel and is using it today. This is exactly what she needed. Thank you for providing such a well built thought out product.

Rick Thoresen

Beaverton, OR

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