Tueller Wall Easel, Model 393

Model 393 Floor-to-Ceiling Tueller Wall Easel

NOTE: This is a new model and not in full production yet. The final specifications may vary somewhat from the photos shown here.

The Model 393 Floor-to-Ceiling Tueller Wall Easel was designed for painters who paint large — those who frequently find themselves working from a ladder or step stool. The double telescoping masts can be adjusted to fit from floor to ceiling (up to 10 feet) to accommodate large canvases and panels. This feature works best in rooms with high ceilings – 9 feet or higher. When working on smaller canvases, the lower slides can be removed and set aside as needed.


Out of stock|Available only as a custom order

The Model 393 Floor-to-Ceiling Tueller Wall Easel with Two Telescoping Masts. Dimensions are 66 inches wide by 93 inches tall when closed, up to 120 inches tall when extended. Made of red oak, hand finished with danish oil. Installation hardware is included. The wall easels are individually handcrafted on a made-to-order basis. Orders typically ship within 3 weeks. I send emails to keep you updated on the status of your order. Shipping costs are shown before placing an order.


  • Two 66 inch spans of Wall Rail
  • Two 93 inch Telescoping Masts (Can extend to over 120 inches)
  • Two Pairs of Adjustable Tension Deep Canvas Holders (choice of large grips, small grips, soft foam pads)
  • Hardware and Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

Key Features:

  • Space Saving – Perfect for small studios that are tight on space
  • Modular – Customize with additional spans of wall rail, additional masts, work trays, etc
  • Movable Masts – Can be moved anywhere along the rail or removed altogether
  • Lightweight – Assembled weight is less than 50 pounds
  • Large – Accommodate canvases up to 106 inches tall ✕ 120 inches wide
  • Attractive – Responsibly harvested, kiln-dried red oak from Draftwood Forest Products of Floyd, Virginia

NOTES: I include installation instructions and 2-1/2 inch long wood screws for fastening the wall easels onto a typical stud wall. Installing the wall rails requires a tape measure, drill, screwdriver with a #2 square drive bit, level, and a little know-how. An electronic stud finder is helpful too! You may want to contact us before placing an order if you have questions about installing a wall easel on another type of wall.

Made in USA


A brief animation of the Model 393 Floor-to-Ceiling Tueller Wall Easel set up to hold a 96 X 72 inch canvas.

Additional Hardware

In some cases, the knobs on the masts can interfere with the stretcher bars or cross supports on the back of a canvas or panel. For this reason, large set screws are provided that can be used in place of the knobs as needed. These can be easily added with the included hex key.

Model 393 Floor-to-Ceiling Tueller Wall Easel Set Screws


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of delivery for replacement or refund.


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