Tueller Wall Easel, Model 366

Tueller Wall Easel Model 366
(5 customer reviews)

66 X 68 inch wall easel with two telescoping masts. The telescoping masts allow a painting to be moved up while working, without having to continually re-adjust the canvas holders individually. This makes it easier to reach all areas of the painting surface with less need for crouching down or standing on a step ladder. This feature works best in rooms with high ceilings – 9 feet or higher.

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This is our Model 366 Tueller Wall Easel with two telescoping masts. Made of red oak, hand finished with danish oil. Each wall easels is individually handcrafted. Orders typically ship within 14 days. I send emails to keep you updated on the status of your order. Shipping costs are shown before placing an order.


  • Two 66 inch Wall Rails
  • Two 68 inch Telescoping Masts (allows canvases to be re-positioned during painting session)
  • Two Pairs of Adjustable Tension Canvas Holders (with your choice of large grips, small grips, soft foam pads)
  • Hardware and Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

Key Features:

  • Space Saving – Perfect for small studios that are tight on space
  • Modular – Customize with additional masts, rail, work trays, larger canvas holders and more
  • Movable Masts – Can be moved anywhere along the rail or removed altogether
  • Lightweight – Assembled weight is less than 30 pounds
  • Large – Accommodate canvases up to 58 inches tall ✕ 72 inches wide
  • Attractive – Responsibly harvested, kiln-dried red oak from Draftwood Forest Products of Floyd, Virginia

NOTES: We include installation instructions and 2-inch long wood screws for fastening the wall easels onto a typical stud wall. Installing the wall rails requires a tape measure, drill, screwdriver with a #2 square drive bit, level, and a little know-how. An electronic stud finder is helpful too! You may want to contact us before placing an order if you have questions about installing a wall easel on another type of wall.

Made in USA


A brief animation of the Model 366 Tueller Wall Easel.


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of delivery for replacement or refund.


Use our contact page or call 540-390-0044 (9am-5pm, Eastern Time)



5 reviews for Tueller Wall Easel, Model 366

  1. Lucie Durand

    I purchased a 60 x 60 inch wall easel from Paper Bird. Jason, the creator, took the time to write back to me to thank me and to let me know he would pay special attention to my easel. I just recently installed it in my new studio and I just simply adore it. It’s beautiful on it’s own and in a way, I am sad to eventually seeing it covered in paint but I guess it will make it even more unique 😊. It is so well built from the hands of a wonderful crafter. I highly recommend this product. Thank you Jason.

  2. Katharine Harvey (verified owner)

    I installed my 366 wall easel and it truly is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It is so cleverly designed and hugs the wall so that it doesn’t take up too much space. The wood is gorgeously finished. I know that I am going to love working with this easel. I recommend Jason’s work. He was very conscientious about the order, and bent over backwards to get it to me quickly.

  3. Andrew Sheldon (verified owner)

    Incredible! I am so pleased with my 366. It’s the major focus of my studio renovation and it just looks beautiful if you’re a woodworking appreciator. Well done in every respect from installation instructions to final use. As I installed it, I felt a growing appreciation for Jason and his careful work.

  4. Thomas English (verified owner)

    My easel is up and works perfectly. The attention to detail and expert craftsmanship is obvious in every aspect of its construction. Thank you Jason for taking so much care with this product. It will be a welcome addition to my studio and will definitely enhance my painting experience.

  5. Steve Patton

    I love this easel! It frees up space and allows me to work on a couple of large scale paintings at once. Really solid construction and easy installation. I had been looking at this easel online for several months and was so happy Jason finally caught up on orders and I was able to order mine. Once I ordered I was shocked with speed at which I received it.

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