Additional Standard Canvas Holders



One pair of Standard Canvas Holders – for use with the 100 Series Wall Easels.

Accommodate canvases or cradled panels up to 1-½ inches deep. Includes an additional ¼ inch slot for thin panels. Individually handcrafted. Orders typically ship within 14 days. Shipping costs will be shown before placing an order.

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Standard Canvas Holders


  • One pair of standard canvas holders (top and bottom)
  • Clamp pieces, threaded knobs and flat washers

The surface of the canvas holder is 2-½ inches deep and 11 inches wide with slots to accommodate canvases or cradled panels up to 1-½ inches deep. An additional ¼ inch slot holds thin panels.

Made in USA

Red or White Oak

The difference between red and white oak is purely aesthetic. Red oak is a common material for interior furniture. It typically has warmer colors and wider, more pronounced grain patterns. White oak has a tighter grain pattern and a more neutral beige color.

Oak Comparison

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