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INSTRUCTIONS: This customizer starts with a standard model 366 wall easel with two masts. You can add alternate spans of rail and more masts to configure a wall easel that’s ideal for your studio space.

  1. Rail (Horizontal): When measuring your available wall space, note that rails do not need to fit tight spaces exactly. It’s best to leave several inches between the ends of the rails and anything that limits the area (window casings, doorways, adjacent walls, etc). Pay attention to things like light switches that could be obstructed.
  2. Masts (Vertical): Small canvases can be held adequately on a single mast, but for most canvases, it’s best to span across two masts. For extra large or heavy canvases, spanning across three masts provides additional support.
  3. Holders: Pick your preferred style of canvas holders. If you are unsure, the large rubber grips option is the recommended choice.
  4. Wall Type: Select your wall type so that I can provide the appropriate hardware for mounting the rails to your wall. NOTE: You will have to drill holes in the rail base as part of the installation process for stud walls. In some cases, I can pre-drill the rails for you.

The heights of the masts are 68 inches and cannot be changed from the customizer. If you require masts that are a different height, or a width of wall rail not listed here, contact me before ordering. For wall easels with non-telescoping masts, go to this page.


Tueller Wall Easel with Telescoping Masts

Made of red oak, hand finished with danish oil. Installation hardware is included. The wall easels are individually handcrafted by Jason Tueller in his woodworking shop in Floyd, Virginia. Orders typically ship within 14 days. I send emails to keep you updated on the status of your order. Shipping costs are shown before placing an order.

Configurations Include:

  • Wall Rails (from 48 inches to 144 inches inches)
  • 68 Inch Tall Telescoping Masts (two to eight, depending on configuration)
  • Adjustable Tension Canvas Holders (choice of large grips, small grips, soft foam pads)
  • Hardware and Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

Key Features:

  • Space Saving – Perfect for small studios that are tight on space
  • Modular – Customize with additional masts, rail, work trays, canvas holders
  • Movable Masts – Can be moved anywhere along the rail or removed altogether
  • Lightweight – Assembled weight of a standard two mast wall easel is less than 30 pounds
  • Large – Accommodate canvases up to 58 inches tall.
  • Attractive – Responsibly harvested, kiln-dried red oak from Draftwood Forest Products of Floyd, Virginia

NOTES: I include installation instructions and 2-1/2 inch long wood screws for fastening the wall easels onto a typical stud wall. Installing the wall rails requires a tape measure, drill, screwdriver with a #2 square drive bit, level, and a little know-how. An electronic stud finder is helpful too! You may want to contact me before placing an order if you have questions about installing a wall easel on another type of wall.

Custom 96 x 68 x 4 Mast Wall Easel

Made in USA


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