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Tueller Wall Easels

Made to order, handcrafted wall-mounted easels

Please note, we are not taking new orders right now. We have some big announcements coming soon. New company name. New website. New products. Stay tuned!

Each Tueller Wall Easel is handcrafted by Jason Tueller in his woodworking shop in Floyd, Virginia, USA. This easy to use wall mounted easel system is designed to accommodate large paintings and for working on multiple paintings at one time. Each easel setup can be expanded with additional masts, additional lengths of wall rail, work trays and several types of canvas holders. Custom sizes can be built on request. Available in Appalachian red oak, white oak and ebonized oak.

We are actively looking for solutions for shipping to a number of overseas markets. If you are interested in purchasing a Tueller Wall Easel and are in a country outside of North America, please contact us.

Custom 125 Inch Wall Easel with Four Masts

Custom Size?

Would like a wall easel to fit a 10 foot span of wall with four masts? 15 foot? More?

Do you want to paint on especially large canvases? Do you need canvas holders of a particular size or profile?

Let me know what you have in mind. I can custom build wall easels to meet your specific needs. NOTE: Current lead time on custom orders is about four weeks.



We are making and selling wall easels every day. However, due to especially high demand, we are not taking new orders for a week or so while we work to get caught up.


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