Each Tueller Wall Easel is handcrafted by Jason Tueller in his woodworking shop in Floyd, Virginia. This easy to use wall-mounted easel system is designed to accommodate large paintings and for working on multiple paintings at one time. Each easel setup can be expanded with additional masts, additional spans of wall rail, work trays and several types of canvas holders.

Model 266 Wall Easel

Model 266 Wall Easel

Our most popular wall mounted artist easel. The standard configuration has two non-telescoping masts. Measures 66 inches wide by 66 inches tall. All of the easels are made of Appalachian red oak, hand finished with danish oil.


Model 366 Wall Easel

Model 366 Wall Easel

Telescoping masts allow the user to raise or lower their canvas without the need to re-adjust the holders individually. This makes it easier to reach all areas of your painting. The standard configuration is 66 inches wide with two 68 inches tall masts.


Mini Wall Easel 340

Model 340 Mini Wall Easel

Only need to hold one smaller painting at a time? The mini wall easel features a single telescoping mast and can accommodate paintings up to 28 inches tall.


Model 250 Tueller Wall Easel

Model 250 Direct Mount Wall Easel

Single 50-inch tall mast with one pair of canvas holders. Mounts directly to a stud wall with two screws. Does not hang on wall rails like the other models I make.


Work Tray for 200-300 Series Wall Easels

Work Tray

A shelf for paintbrushes, palette, etc. Uses the same clamps as the canvas holders and can be positioned anywhere on the masts or removed altogether.


Canvas Holders for Model 200/300 Wall Easels

Additional Holders

You can add additional pairs of canvas holders to your wall easel. Helpful to hold more than one canvas at a time, hold reference images, etc.


Custom 108 x 266 Tueller Wall Easel

Custom Sizes?

Would you like a wall easel to fit a 9 foot span of wall with four masts? More? Do you want to paint on especially large canvases? Let me know what you have in mind. In many cases, I can custom build wall easels to meet your specific requirements.

NOTE: Custom orders have been keeping me very busy, so unfortunately there are times when I'm completely booked up.

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