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As a photographer, I aim to deliver the best photographs to my clients. But what do you do when you aren’t the photographer? I was recently asked to take a look at some photos to determine whether or not they could be restored. The story behind the pictures is fascinating. My client contacted me via telephone and later email. She explained to me that her mother recently passed away and during her trip to her former home she discovered some old photographs. She returned home with some family heirloom furniture, some personal belongings of her mother’s and some photos. She continued to explain that one of the photos was of her father that she had never seen before, but it had been folded and put away for many years and the other photos were of her and her siblings. The photos of my client and her siblings are over sixty years old so I know that one of her father is at least that old, but probably older. As I carefully looked each one over I could sense the emotion attached to these. I too have lost my mother and one sibling. Photographs are moments captured in time and for those of us who have lost loved ones, our photos become treasures. I was determined to get these treasures restored for her.  I diligently worked on these photos day and night until complete. Once completed I contacted her and delivered the photos. I cannot explain the emotion and gratitude my client expressed to me. This restoration journey rewarded us both.

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