This is the first post on the new website.

I’ll admit, it was an afterthought to include a blog on this site. I’m an avid reader of a number of artists’ blogs (two personal favorites being and, but in all likelihood, if WordPress didn’t already have a sample ‘Blog’ post, I doubt I’d be writing this entry.

I have little idea of what I might write about, nor do I have a particular purpose, nor an imagined audience. English professors would not approve. I’ll speculate a little now…hmmmm, I can imagine using this space to announce the completion of paintings I’ve been working on. Perhaps I’ll occasionally share links to artists whose work I admire. Oh, there’s always witty and humorous anecdotes of life here in the studio as a stay-at-home dad.

Yeah, I think I’ve just talked myself into writing an art blog. Now, I just need an audience.


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