Wall Easel New Product Survey – 2018

Thank you for taking part in this survey. By answering the following questions, you will be providing valuable insights that help guide the development of our new wall mounted easels. As the new easel design is finalized, I intend to sell a few to early adopters at a lower introductory price in exchange for feedback and putting the easels through some real world testing. It’s my goal to make the very best easels that I can!

The survey consists of several steps and should take about 10 minutes to complete. Acceptance of a Non Disclosure Agreement is required to proceed. (Simply put, please don’t share details or images of the prototypes with others.) If needed, you can return to earlier questions without losing your answers. If you have any questions, please contact me at jason@paperbirdstudio.net. Thank you for your participation!

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2 Step 2
3 Step 3
4 Step 4
STEP 1: Name and Email Address
Your Name
STEP 2: Non Disclosure Agreement
Agree to Non Disclosure Agreement?
STEP 3: Your Work and Your Studio
1) Which option(s) best describes your work?Select the profession/vocations that you anticipate using a wall easel for.
2) What medium(s) do you primarily use?
3) What kind of surfaces do you primarily use?
4) Any additional details about your work that you think may be relevant?Example: I make abstract paintings with enamel paint on large cradled aluminum panels.
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5) Your Ceiling HeightThe distance between your floor and ceiling (in feet or inches).
6) Your Largest Canvas DimensionsApproximate dimensions of the largest canvas or panel you are likely to use.
7) Your Heaviest Canvas or PanelApproximate weight of the largest surface you would likely use on a wall easel (in pounds).
8) Any questions or considerations you want to add?Examples: I paint very vigorously and have concerns about my canvas moving or falling as I'm working. How securely do your easels hold paintings? I use a wheelchair, can your easel work for me?
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STEP 4: Wall Easel Features
Which is more important to you?If your wall easel could only have one of these features, which would it be?
Rate These FeaturesRank importance of these wall easel features
Not ImportantSomewhat ImportantVery ImportantAbsolutely Essential
Save floor space
Accommodate a very large painting
Accommodate especially heavy paintings
Accommodate multiple paintings at once
Accommodate high value, fragile or antique paintings
Attractive appearance/match decor
Low cost
Rate These FeaturesRank importance of these wall easel features
Not ImportantSomewhat ImportantVery ImportantAbsolutely Essential
Easily and frequently move canvas up/down while working
Easily and frequently move canvas left/right while working
Ability to tilt canvas forwards/backwards
Have tools and materials very close to painting surface while working
AccessoriesSelect any wall easel accessories that you might be interested in.

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