Since I began making Tueller Wall Easels for customers, I have been continually making refinements to the design. I take a lot of care testing each easel that I make and I highly value feedback from artists who are using them. It’s my desire to make the easels as simple, functional and easy to use as possible. Redesigned Masts A number of artists have asked me to custom build extra tall wall easels for them. To ensure that the masts will remain as straight as possible at these larger dimensions, I’ve made some changes to make them more rigid and lighter weight.

Comparing New Mast

The new masts are made to be lighter and to be less susceptible to curvature cause by changes in temperature and humidity.

Wood, by its nature, will always move some with changes to temperature and humidity. By adding slotted side rails to the outside edges, I have minimized much of that potential movement. In addition to being nice and straight, the new masts are a little lighter and the blocks that clamp the canvas holders to the masts have been simplified.

New Mast Design - Canvas Holder

The canvas holders now travel inside the outer edge pieces.

The new easels function exactly as the previous design – simply loosen the threaded knob, move the canvas holders up or down as needed, re-tighten the knob.

New Mast Design - Top

This photo shows more clearly how the mast are now constructed.

If you have any questions or comments about the new Tueller Wall Easel design, please contact me via email or post a comment below.

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