Custom Wall Easel Inquiry Form

Your answers to the following questions can help me to better understand your requirements so that I can make informed recommendations and develop a price quote for a custom, hand made wall easel for your studio.



Okay, folks, I’m getting more requests for easels than I can build right now. Be assured, I’m working in the shop seven days a week, making the best easels that I can make. Please accept my apologies for slow replies and missed messages. Thank you for your understanding.

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About You

Your Studio Space

It's often helpful for me to see a photo of the room and wall area where you plan to install a wall easel. This can make communicating dimensions a lot easier and reduce unexpected issues. Ideally, include something in the photo to provide scale (ex. yard stick, soda can). Accepted image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF. Maximum file size 6MB.

Your Wall Easel

If you already have a clear idea of the wall easel you would like me to build, you can describe it here. Otherwise, I can make suggestions.


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