With my renewed interest in oil painting, I decided that I needed a proper artist taboret for my studio. I had some pretty specific ideas in mind about what features I would need. There are a number of commercially available taborets that would reasonably fit the bill, but none that I could reasonably afford.

So, necessity being the mother of invention…I dusted off my power tools, cleared a corner of my tool shed and got busy designing and building an taboret for myself. After several weeks of tinkering around, here’s what I came up with…

DIY Taboret

Do-it-yourself walnut and oak artist taboret for under $200.


It’s not particularly fancy, but it is very functional for my purposes. I’ll detail how I went about building it in a subsequent post. For now, here’s more photos of the finished taboret…


Taboret Front View

Work surface with glass mixing area, three drawers and lower tray.

Taboret Drawer Dividers

Top drawer with removable dividers for large tubes of paint, mediums, etc.

Taboret Paint Tube Storage

Middle drawer with organizers for many 37ml tubes of paint.
There are three rows, although only two are visible in this photo.

Taboret Supplies Drawer

The top drawer accommodates large tubes of paint (150-200ml).

Taboret Supplies Drawer and Brush Rest

The brush rest can be seen on the right.

Taboret Paint Drawer

The paint drawer organizers can hold eighty-seven 37ml tubes of paint.

Taboret Paint Mixing Area

Glass mixing area.

Taboret Removable Palette Tray

I can place the removable tray in an air tight box with some clove oil and the colors I’ve squeezed out can remain usable for days.

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