About Paper Bird Studio & Design

I’m Jason Tueller, the painter and woodworker behind the Tueller Wall Easels. My wife, Cindy Tueller is a photographer and writer. Our home studio and woodworking shop are located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, Virginia.

Nearly eight years years ago, we created the Paper Bird Studio & Design website as a home for our personal art and photography portfolios. A couple of years later, the wall mounted artist easel setup that I’d made for myself had gained quite a bit of attention. I was getting quite a few requests to build the easels for others, so I began making and selling them — part time initially, then full time. As the easel business took on a life of its own, it became apparent that we needed to relocate our personal portfolios to their own websites, jasontueller.net and cindytueller.net

We are currently working towards re-branding the business under the name, Tueller Easel Company.  We anticipate that we will move to the new website by Spring 2019.

UPDATE: My brother, Larry Tueller has joined the Paper Bird Studio & Design / Tueller Easel Company team! Larry is a woodworker with decades of experience as a timber framer. We are thrilled to have his talents with design, production and general shop management. Yay!

October 2019 - Because of some health issues, Jason cannot take new orders at this time. He apologizes for the inconvenience.

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