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Paper Bird Studio & Design

Tueller Wall Easels are handcrafted by Jason Tueller in his woodworking shop in Floyd, Virginia, USA. This easy to use wall mounted easel system is designed to accommodate large paintings and for working on multiple paintings at one time. Each easel setup can be expanded with additional masts, additional lengths of wall rail, work trays and several types of canvas holders. Custom sizes can be built on request. Available in Appalachian red oak, white oak and ebonized oak.

Featured Posts

What’s New at Paper Bird Studio & Design

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted any updates. Here’s a brief overview of what’s new here at Paper Bird Studio & Design. I spent much of Summer/Fall 2017 recovering from an injury with a wood shaper that very nearly resulted in me losing fingers…

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New Finish – Ebonized Oak Tueller Wall Easels

After much experimentation, I’ve settled on a process for finishing some wall easels with a deep, lustrous black finish. This is called ebonizing and is the result of a chemical reaction between iron acetate and tannins naturally present in some species of wood…

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