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Additional Deep Canvas Holders



Extra pair of Deep Canvas Holders. Holds canvases or cradled panels up to 3 inches deep. Includes rubber grips to allow painting edge-to-edge. Individually handcrafted. Orders may take up to 7 days to ship. You will not be charged until your order is ready to ship. Shipping costs will be shown before placing an order.  


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Deep Canvas Holders


  • One pair of canvas holders (top and bottom)
  • Threaded knobs and flat washers
  • Eight rubber grips and small screws

The canvas holder is 4 inches deep and 11 inches wide. They can hold canvases or cradled panels up to 3 inches deep.

Made in USA

Red or White Oak

The difference between red and white oak is purely aesthetic. Red oak is a common material for interior furniture. It typically has warmer colors and wider, more pronounced grain patterns. White oak has a tighter grain pattern and a more neutral beige color.

Oak Comparison

Installing Rubber Grips

Unless requested otherwise, the rubber grips are installed in the middle of the deep canvas holders. The grips are fastened with small wood screws and can be easily moved further forward or backward as desired.Deep Canvas Holder Grip Locations

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