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Do animals pose for photos? Yes they do! I think domestic animals understand the concept of a camera. Just pull out your camera and watch your pet come to attention and stare at you. With a little bit of patience and several treats you can snap lots of pictures! I have never been able to ask a horse to tilt it’s head to the left or even request that a giraffe hold it’s long neck at just the right angle. However, I have been able to snap many wonderful shots of animals using just my camera and my body. I have gotten down on the ground, under trees and up between fences so I could continue taking pictures of these wonderful creatures. They can be silly and bashful one minute and boisterous and rowdy in another. They might lay down and nap or pounce playfully without notice. I take them serious and watch their every move hoping to capture their grace, their beauty, and their power.

I’ve added more animal photos to my gallery here.

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